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PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPTEMBER 14: A detailed view of boxing gloves and punches being thrown as Keeshawn Williams (R) exchanges punches with Farhad Fatulla in their Jr. welterweights bout at 2300 Arena on September 14, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

We all remember Bagel Boss guy.  And we knew he’d figure out a way to capitalize on his 15 seconds of fame.  Well, he’s doing it by beating the crap out of other “celebrities” and I use that word very loosely.

Chris Morgan just inked a deal Monday with fighting promoter Damon Feldman — who’s arranged for Chris to put on some boxing gloves and go toe-to-toe with someone later this year in Atlantic City.  It’s set for Sept. 7 at the showboat hotel in AC but so far the only other viral celeb on the bill is Antoine Dodson…so that’s who he could be fighting…and as for how much money he’s set to make from this fight? Depending on ticket sales…Chris could make up to six figures from the event.