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On Thursday, law enforcement searched the Los Angeles home of rapper YG in connection with a police shooting in Compton that left one bystander killed, earlier this month.

The LA rapper whose given name is Keenon Jackson has not been implicated in the shooting and was not home during the time of the search on Thursday, according to Deputy Marvin Crowder, reports USA Today.

According to officials, the “Go Loko” rapper leases the property. Tyquan Williams, 29, was arrested on a weapons charge during the raid but Deputy James Nagal wasn’t sure if the apprehending of Williams was in relation to the shoot out, according to officials. A myriad of others were also arrested at the Hollywood Hills home.

The shoot out that left one dead took place on July 3 after deputies attempted to pull over a Cadillac Escalade, which was registered to Jackson. Cops tried to pull over the vehicle that was driven through Compton because they suspected the motorist was driving recklessly and under the influence.

Someone in the truck fired multiple shots from an assault rifle at the deputies, who shot back at two separate locations, according to officials. The Escalade was tracked by a sheriff’s helicopter to Inglewood, where an occupant sitting in the SUV’s passenger side fired at it. The truck was eventually abandoned by the suspects who had fled the scene.

The sheriff’s department said, though a second got away, one suspect was apprehended. The rifle wasn’t found by authorities and one deputy suffered graze gunshot wounds to his arm and shoulder. Later, deputies found Ricky Cornell Starks of Compton with various gunshot wounds. The 65-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. It’s unclear whether Cornell was wounded by the suspects or the deputies.

There is “no concrete link” between Jackson and the shoot out besides his vehicle, according to Crowder. The Compton rapper previously took to social media to announce that he didn’t know about the incident until after it took place. “I was nowhere near the scene of this incident, I was in Hollywood recording in the studio all day,” he wrote.

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