WARMINSTER, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 15: A hot air balloon is inflated at Longleat's Sky Safari at Longleat on September 15, 2018 near Warminster in Wiltshire, England. According to the organisers, 230 hot air balloons from around the world, including a menagerie of flying animals, have been arriving at Longleat this weekend for the largest gathering of hot air balloons ever in the UK. The three-day event, which features mass ascents and night tethered glows, was also hoping to create a new UK record for the most balloons in the sky simultaneously, with nearly 170 inflatables of all shapes and sizes taking to the skies this morning above the Wiltshire estate. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Boss: Why were you late?  You: A hot air balloon was blocking the ramp!

That could have been a legitimate excuse for some commuters in Andover this morning!  Check out the pics from Jim Piraino who said, “Not the usual commute to work this morning. Exit to route 28 from Route 125 in Andover. Hot air balloon deflating and then blocking the exit.”  I’m thinking you would have needed photographic proof for your boss to believe you!

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According to the Andover Patch, “The silver, hot air balloon that landed on the on-ramp connecting Route 125 and Route 28 in Andover Monday morning was the New Horizon, a moving art installation makings its way across Massachusetts. Joel Steele, the crew chief who was following the balloon Monday morning, said in a phone interview that the landing was ‘perfectly safe’ and not a crash, as previously reported. Steele said the pilot and six passengers on the balloon were uninjured.”