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Future may need to get himself a new bodyguard cause his may be out of commission for a while. Future and his crew were at the Ibiza airport when they started to get harassed by a group of men who Future says started yelling racial slurs at him.  Fearing they may have another Asap Rocky on their hands, Futures bodyguards told him to step back…so they could step in. That’s when one of them, got sucker punched and knocked out cold. The video has gone viral and Future posted on his IG calling the kids goons…but to leave him out of hit cause he didn’t see anything. Check out the confrontation below:

Future's Bodyguard Knocked Out Cold In Shocking Video After Ibiza Airport Argument

Future's bodyguard was sucker punched and rendered unconscious while walking outside the airport in Ibiza. A video clip shows the man sneaking up behind another man punching him in the face. The man who was videotaping at the scene can be heard yelling, "That's Futures bodyguard."