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The mother of rapper Trina, Vernessa “Ness” Taylor has succumbed to cancer at the age of 62. The “BAPS” rapper’s mom died on Tuesday morning (Sept. 3), according to Trina’s rep, reports TMZ.

Trina has referenced her mother on several occasions in her music. On Trina’s debut album, Da Baddest B**ch, she rapped about Taylor on her song “Mama” featuring J.A.B.A.N. & J-Shin and on 2019’s “Mama” featuring Kelly Price on her latest project, The One.

“Thinking ’bout you mama / Got me running to the liquor / Mama where you goin’? / I’m gon’ have to beg to differ / I’d rather go first, so I wanna go with you ’cause I can’t do this without you,” Trina rapped.

Last year, Trina threw her mother Nessa an extravagant rooftop party for her birthday where Trina’s celebrity friends including Da Brat showed up.

“Thank you all for your kind words and condolences regarding Trina’s mother. It truly gives the family some peace and comfort knowing that ‘Nessa’ lived such a fulfilling life filled with love and abundance,” Trina’s rep told TMZ.

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