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An unlikely pair is considering a joint tour. On Sept. 13, friends, family, and fans of the late Notorious B.I.G. gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his debut album Ready to Die.

During the celebration, Evans announced that she would be uniting with Lil Kim for an upcoming tour soon, as the Nostalgic Xpress reports.

“We’re gonna do a tour together y’all,” Faith unexpectedly said. “A first ladies tour…I’m putting it out there in the universe.”

“The one thing we can count on is Biggie bringing us all together. Biggie is the love. He is the love. When you think about love, you think of our love which is Biggie, Christopher Wallace,” Lil Kim said.

The tour doesn’t seem like it’s concrete, but if it happens it definitely would be monumental. The two had feuded for years due to Faith Evans being married to B.I.G., and the “Juicy” rapper having an ongoing extramarital affair with Lil Kim.



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