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R&B singer K. Michelle has been very vocal about her reversal surgeries to remove “free-floating” silicone from her body due to a black market “butt job” that she got a while back.

The singer, who has been promoting her new forthcoming album All Monsters Are Human, recently appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil, telling the host, “It was the worst decision of my entire life. It was on the black market but I went to a person that was well known in my music circle.”

Dr. Phil then asked K. Michelle to explain exactly who the person was.

“He was not a doctor. He does this in a hotel room. He told us that it was gel. Some type of gel when it was actually free-floating silicone in your body. I didn’t have any real symptoms until 5, 6 years later,” K. Michelle said.

“I just wanted to be real thick. I wanted to be curvy. What was so messed up, Dr. Phil is if you pull up old pictures, I was already curvy,” she said explaining why she wanted to get the butt job in the first place.

The “VSOP” singer explained that she was initially happy with the procedure.

“I was pleased at the time and then I started to look like an ant, you know with the big butt and little legs under you. I started to look like an ant and one morning I woke up and my legs gave out. Out of the blue. I just woke up and fell,” she said.

K. Michelle also spoke about how the life-threatening procedure affected her emotionally.

“They had to literally cut my tissue out of me. I have holes in my body. I am devasted. Like, scared. Terrified,” she said.

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