Halloween Tips and Tricks

Can you imagine a haunted house that is customized to your personal fears and then lasts up to 10 hours?  That’s what is happening in Tennessee where McKamey Manor is built on nightmares.  And it has many neighbors accusing it of being a “torture chamber under disguise” and they’re trying to shut it down.

The process begins with a doctor’s letter saying that you are physically and mentally cleared for the experience.  You’ll need to pass a drug test.  Then there’s a background check and screening.  Last is the 40-page waiver that you must sign.  Then you are off to “live your own horror movie” – according to McKamey Manor’s website.

WZTV reports that neighbors have called the police after seeing a woman being dragged behind a vehicle.  When police arrived they found out it was part of the show.

There is a petition to shut down the “extreme haunted attraction” – and it already has over 30,000 signatures.

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