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Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. has been indicted on two more charges of inappropriately touching a woman, bringing his total number of accusers to 15, as Variety reports.

On Thursday (Oct. 31), Gooding appeared in court in New York and pleaded not guilty to the new allegations.

The actor was accused of inappropriately touching a woman at a nightclub on 58th Street named Lavo, on the evening of Sept. 9, 2018, according to the latest indictment.

Six counts are now attributed to Gooding, related to three incidents. The counts include three counts of forcible touching and three counts of third-degree sexual abuse. All six of the counts are classified as misdemeanors.

Natasha Ashworth, one of the three accusers, filed a civil suit against Gooding on Oct. 21, accusing him of sexual battery. She alleges that Gooding pinched her buttocks when while she was working at Tao nightclub on Oct. 24, 2018.

Back in June, Gooding was originally charged with groping a woman at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar.

Another dozen women have alleged that Gooding groped them, bit them, or kissed them without consent, in addition to the three women whose charges are at the center of the case. The allegations go back as far as 2001.

The prosecution wants the court to permit those women to testify against Gooding in an attempt to support the charges that he faces.

On Jan. 22, Gooding is due back in court, and the prosecution and defense are expected to file motions by Nov. 18. On Dec. 9, responses to those motions are due.



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