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This one will get you all in your feelings.  Louie Amundson was having a discussion with his 10-year-old daughter about bullying when she asked him if he every bullied someone in school. He reluctantly said yes. It also got him to get in contact with Chad Morrisett. Chad was someone he said he teased and was mean to in junior high. He reached out to him and told him about his discussion with his daughter and how he had to say yes when asked if he bullied. He texted, “What came to mind is how crappy and mean I was to you when we were in Jr. High. I want to apologize. If we lived in the same state I would apologize to your face. I don’t even know if you remember, but I do and I am sorry.” Well, he got a response from Chad saying, “I’m quite moved by this. Thank you and accept your apology. In 20 years you are the only person to apologize for being a bully to me when we were younger. I hope you can proudly tell your daughter that you have also apologized for it and that we are good. It’s amazing what 20 years and children can do to us, no? Thank you again, and I hope you stand up to bullying anytime you see it.” I’m not crying, you are.