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LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 27: Bunches of bananas, which were to be disposed of by a supermarket, sit in a crate at food-waste charity The Felix Project's warehouse in Park Royal on February 27, 2019 in London, England. In 2018 the Food and Agriculture Organisation estimated that 2.2 million people in the UK are severely food-insecure, meaning that they lack reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. The British Medical Journal reports this is the worst rate for a country in Europe, especially for children. In 2017 a House of Commons report estimated that 10 million tonnes of food and drink is wasted in the UK each year. The Felix Project is a charity, based in London that is trying to re-purpose waste food from supermarkets, food suppliers and cafes to organisations who feed people in need such as women's refuges, homeless charities, refugee centres, food banks as well as schools. The charity was named after the founder's son, Felix Byam Shaw, who died in 2014 from Meningitis. Looking for a way to commemorate his son, Justin Byam Shaw remembered Felix once being upset after learning that an opposing side of ten-year old boys at a football tournament he was competing in hadn't had any food that day. Out of this memory the charity grew into the operation it is today. A fleet of vans, driven by volunteers, collects surplus food from participating supermarkets and cafes in London which is then either taken to a warehouse along with other donations from food suppliers or delivered directly to the organisations in need, providing nearly three million meals per year. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

A banana, duct-taped to a wall went on a sale at Art Basel Miami Beach this week priced at around $120,000.  Sounds crazy right? It’s absolutely true. The work is by Maurizio Cattelan who’s been into the art business for many years. Check it out!