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KABUL- SEPTEMBER 22 : An X-ray is seen showing a bullet in the skull of a man in the emergency room at the Emergency Surgical Center for Civilian War Victims on September 22, 2019 in Kabul, Afghanistan. In August, there were 455 admissions to the Emergency hospital, which is the highest in well over a decade. The war in Afghanistan, now in its 18th year, continues to inflict significant harm on the country’s civilian population. The months leading up to the September 28 presidential election were particularly deadly, as the Taliban went on the offensive during peace talks and US and government forces responded with increased air strikes and night raids. The Islamic State has also claimed responsibility for several high-profile attacks on civilians, including a suicide bombing on August 18 that killed 92 people attending a wedding in Kabul. A UN report from earlier this year indicates that civilian casualties were down from the same period the year before, but “the published figures almost certainly do not reflect the true scale of the harm,” according to Fiona Frazer, human rights chief for the UN mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA). She added that UN data indicate that Afghanistan sees more civilian deaths due to armed conflict than anywhere else on earth. (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images )

Well isn’t this just the weirdest thing?! A rapper named Dr Knarf, who is also known as Niko B., had a tragic accident that left him in a coma for three months. He was thrown from his recording studio into the courtyard in Cologne, Germany by an explosion on 6 February, 2017. He ended up having a huge portion of his skull removed when his brain swelled.  Niko B had allegedly been producing drugs in the basement of the studio when the combination of highly concentrated cannabis extract mixed with butane gas exploded from the bottles.  More than a third of his skin was burnt in the explosion. Check out his pic below: