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NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 28: Recording artist Beyonce, Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy Carter attend the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Madison Square Garden on January 28, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS)

Vanity Fair critic, K. Austin Collins, is getting some heat after a comment he made about Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter.

To recap, Megan Thee Stallion posted a photo of her, Beyonce, and Blue Ivy at a New Year’s Eve celebration. Afterward, Collins tweeted, then deleted, “I have a feeling the jay z face genes are about to really hit Blue Ivy and I feel so sorry for her.” Violet Lucca, a web editor for Harper’s Magazine, also got involved when she replied to his tweet, saying, “Or she’ll just get plastic surgery at 16 a la Kylie Jenner and we’ll all have to pretend that she always looked that way…I can’t allow myself to feel too sorry for the incredibly rich!” Her tweet has also been deleted.

Since the backlash online, K Austin Collins went on Twitter to apologize for his comment about the child. He wrote, “I’m sorry about the Blue Ivy tweet — bad joke, and black girls in particular deserve better.”

In several tweets, Violet Lucca also apologized. She wrote, “Sorry I was cleaning my apartment while this blew up…children of famous ought to be off limits, but time and again they haven’t been. So I said something petty and have been called ugly, old, and a racist.” She added, “I’m not playing the victim…sorry that I insulted Beyoncé’s daughter by suggesting that she might get plastic surgery some day, like many children of famous people do.” Lucca also later wrote, “I’m truly sorry to anyone who was reminded of past hurt because of my comments. I truly believe Blue Ivy will go to the grave without knowing who I am, which is neither here nor there, but on the off chance she sees it—I’m sorry, young lady. You’re gonna go far no matter what.”