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Bianca Garibay was at a supermarket in Texas when she noticed a young mom who was struggling to pay for a single slice of cake for her son’s birthday. As she was trying to get the money together, the little boy said that it was ok he didn’t need the cake and they needed the money to get gas to get to school. Well Bianca wanted to help because it made her think of her own mother who struggle while raising her and her brother. So she grabbed the candles the mother put back, got a Target gift card, another card for gas,  and ran to catch the mother. She told her to get her son a gift, fill her tank and when her son blows out the candles, to make a wish for herself. Bianca also gave the woman her number and told her to call her if she ever needs anything. She got a text from the woman thanking her and said that her son went to school and told his teacher that a pretty lady bought him some birthday presents.