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CHICAGO - MAY 23: Shopping carts sit inside a Target store on May 23, 2007 in Chicago, Illinois. Today, Target Corp. reported an 18 per cent increase in their first-quarter profit, beating analysts' expectations. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A local woman who’s been dubbed “Target Tori” has received thousands of dollars from a GoFundMe account after an exchange with an angry customer has gone viral.

It all started after David Leavitt posted Perrotti’s picture when she wouldn’t honor a price for an electric toothbrush.

The price: one penny.

The item was clearly mislabeled but Leavitt was arguing that the store needed to honor the price per state laws.  Police were called to the store but told Leavitt it was a civil matter and that he could file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Since posting Tori’s photo, people have been harassing Leavitt saying he violated her personal privacy by doing so, hence the GoFundMe was created.

According to Tori “I didn’t feel worthy of that, so that’s part of the reason I feel so compelled to donate it.”

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