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EASTBOURNE, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 22: Firefighters continue to fight the blaze at the iconic Claremont Hotel on November 22, 2019 in Eastbourne, England. Around 60 firefighters were sent to fight the blaze, which started in the basement in the Grade II star listed building this morning. (Photo by Andrew Hasson/Getty Images)

DO NOT try this at home! A new viral TikTok challenge is getting a lot of attention because of potential fire hazards. It’s called the “outlet challenge” and it involves partially inserting the plug of a cellphone charger into an outlet, then sliding a penny down the wall onto the exposed prongs.  Two students at Plymouth North were caught doing it as well as students at Westford Academy. According to Plymouth Fire Chief Ed Bradley “They see it online, they see someone do it, they start laughing, they run away and no one gets hurt and they assume the same will happen when they do it, so they think it’s funny to do it in a classroom.”

All students involved have been punished and fire officials are urging parents to have discussions with their children about the dangers of this type of challenge.