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Lira Galore has reportedly filed for a restraining order against her child’s father, Quality Control Music’s CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas.

She claims that the music executive is threatening and unpredictable, as TMZ reports.

Galore recently filed documents seekings a temporary protective order against Pee during a court hearing in their custody battle for their 9-month-old baby Khaleesi.

Last month, Galore accused Thomas of violent abuse, citing that he beat her during her first eight months of pregnancy with his child.

She’s currently seeking at least $15 million for injuries. Galore claims that because of Pee’s past alleged violence she’s terrified of him, and she also said that his antics in court have only intensified her fear.

Galore says that Pee approaches her in an “intimidating nature” and tried to get her telephone number. Galore also says that Pee was caught taking photos of her and during a meeting where she and her lawyer attempted to leave the room, Pee blocked the doorway and harassed her. Galore said that she had to obtain a deputy to escort her out of the building.

She says that the ordeal was traumatic for her and that her lawyer said, “for the first time in her legal career, felt unsafe in the courtroom.” Galore has asked the court to keep Pee 100 yeards away from her and to cease all contact.

In December, Galore filed a counterclaim in the custody case that Thomas filed back in May in which he requested joint custody of Khaleesi. Pee has denied that he’s been abusive and calls Galore’s claims a “15 million dollar shakedown.”

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