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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 6: Duncan Buchanan, assistant winemaker at Dromana Estate vineyard checks on cabernet grapes as they ferment in a vat on the Mornington Peninsula May 6, 2005 in Melbourne, Australia. Wine grape production in Australia reached record levels in recent years as the industry attempted to satisfy demand for Australian wine at home and abroad. However as demand has begun to level out many growers have been left with an oversupply of grapes. (Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images)

If you live in the Sonoma County, CA area and you’re a wine lover, listen up. A blending tank door at Rodney Strong Vineyards popped open, spilling 97,112 gallons of red wine which have leaked into the Russian River according to a report from the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. The wine was red and had the volume to fill eight large tanker trucks. The leak has since been stopped but the damage is already done. Rodney Strong spokesman Chris O’Gorman told KTLA Thursday “We are deeply concerned and are doing everything in our power to protect our waterways.”