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Rapper Nicki Minaj is currently being criticized on social media for a Rosa Parks reference that she made in a new song.

Most of the people who are criticizing Nicki Minaj are doing so because they feel that not only is the reference disrespectful but it was also distasteful to tease the record with the reference, specifically during Black History Month and near Parks’ birthday (Feb. 4).

“All that talking out yo neck/Might just get your throat cut/This is Mack truck….All you [expletive] Rosa Parks, uh oh get your [expletive] up,” Minaj rapped on the record that she teased via Twitter late Monday night (Feb. 3).

Below, take a look at some of the criticism that Nicki Minaj has received on social media. Minaj has received some support as well from some of her fans.



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