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English model Jean Shrimpton spruces herself up in the back of a car, 12th July 1966. (Photo by Stan Meagher/Express/Getty Images)

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone…and you shouldn’t feel alone.  There’s a new pop-up restaurant in London for Valentine’s Day that’s specifically for single people.  And if you book a table, they’ll seat you in front of a MIRROR as a way of promoting “self-love.”  It’s called “Two4One.”  They say the point of the mirror is to spend Valentine’s Day, quote, “falling in love with yourself.”  BUT there’s a twist… After watching yourself eat alone, they’ll remove the mirror . . . and reveal another person who’s been sitting across from you the whole time.  No word on what this is supposed to prove BUT you can have dessert with the person then decide if you’re gonna split the bill.

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