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JINZHAI COUNTY, CHINA - FEBRUARY 5: Ghost money is burned in front of a tomb during an ancestor worship ceremony February 5, 2005 in Jinzhai County, Anhui Province, China. People around China have the tradition of burning joss paper and prayer money to provide their deceased ancestors with sufficient income in the afterlife before the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rooster, which will fall on February 9th. (Photo by Cancan Chu/GettyImages)

How petty are you? Would you burn $1 million petty? A Canadian businessman was arrested for burning 1,000,000 dollars to avoid paying his wife spousal and child support as part of their divorce settlement.   Bruce McConville, 55, told a judge he withdrew about 1 million Canadian dollars — about $750,000 USD — in 25 separate withdrawals from six separate bank accounts. He claimed he then burned the cash in two bonfires – $743,000 on Sept. 23 and $296,000 on Dec. 15, Ottawa Citizen reported.

Now, the question is…how petty are you?