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As we previously reported, Nicki Minaj recently teased a new song titled “Yikes,” that the rapper received some backlash for due to a bar that contained a reference to Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks.

On Thursday (Feb. 6), the Trinidadian rapper officially dropped the single, which is the first song that Minaj had released in 2020 as a solo artist.

“Yikes” is also the first solo record that Minaj has dropped since announcing her retirement in 2019.

“All you [expletive] Rosa Parks / Oh oh, get your [expletive] up,” raps Minaj on the record. “Yikes, I play tag and you it for life / You a clown, you do it for likes, yikes.”

 “It’s not my single because the single will be launched with a visual. This is the set-up song,” Minaj said of “Yikes” during Pollstar Live! 2020, as Rap-Up reports. Minaj’s new forthcoming untitled album will be the follow up to 2018’s Queen.

 “I feel like albums should be a surprise sonically with what they can expect, but they can expect to feel like, ‘OK, Nicki’s in a good place,’” Minaj said.




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