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When To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before aired on Netflix last year, I swear I watched it no fewer than 137 times. After watching and early screening of the sequel, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, I just may go for that record.

The movies are based on the book series by Jenny Han about 16-year-old Lara Jean who keeps the love letters she’s written to every boy she’s loved in a hatbox that her mother gave her. It’s all fine until the letters get sent and she has to deal with the consequences. That’s the first book/movie that ends with (spoiler alert) her falling in love with Peter Kavinsky, her first fake (and then real) boyfriend. It is such a sweet, funny, romantic, and sometimes heartbreaking movie that you will fall in love with.

In the second installment, Lara Jean and Peter are happy in love until… dun dun dun…here comes adorable and charming John Ambrose, who also received a letter from Lara Jean. It’s hard to believe that after everything Lara Jean and Peter went through to be together, that there would even be a doubt in her mind that Peter is the one, but here we are. In P.S. I Still Love You, mix one Lara Jean with a dash of teenage insecurity and a dose of distraction from John Ambrose, and it’s a recipe for delicious drama.

As a steadfast member of “Team Lara Jean & Peter” in the first movie, John Ambrose’s arrival made even me question my devotion. Don’t want to spoil anything for you, but I will say that Lara Jean’s moment of decision made an entire audience full of women squeal with delight. And it wasn’t just a few quiet awwws. We were all fully invested in the love lives of these teenagers and it was hilarious. It was such a swoon-worthy moment and I loved it! One movie-goer even said, “In a world so toxic nowadays, that was such a feel-good escape.”

“To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, is a sweet and touching reminder of just how romantic, heartbreaking, and complicated first love can be, and will have you wishing you were sixteen again. Definitely a  sequel worth waiting for.” Streaming on Netflix Wednesday, February 12th.