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SYDNEY, NSW - JULY 03: Director Neil Armfield breaks the door of the stage of the Belvoir Street Theatre with a sledgehammer after the opening night of "Ray's Tempest" at the Belvoir Street Theatre on July 03, 2005 in Sydney, Australia. This play is the last one to be performed by Company B before the closing of the theatre for renovation (Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty Images)

There’s a local business that will allow you to smash stuff to relieve stress.  It’s called “Just Smash It” and it’s in Avon.  According to their website: “What better way to let off steam from daily hassles than to just smash it?! Breakables galore, Just Smash It gives you the opportunity to release frustrations in a room full of smashables of your choice with our multiple package deals. A fun way to let out all your emotions in a fun and safe environment without the hassle of cleaning up.”

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