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Comedian Hugh Lloyd (1923 - 2008) allows his wife Carol to stow him into cabin baggage, before leaving for Australia, where he will tour with his comedy play 'Not Now Darling', 21st May 1969. Lloyd is starring in a BBC2 series 'The Gnomes of Dulwich', hence the gnomes. (Photo by Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

A Florida woman was arrested earlier this week after she allegedly zipped her boyfriend up in a suitcase as she filmed herself taunting him.  Sarah Boone, 42, was taken into custody by sheriff’s deputies in Orange County over the death of Jorge Torres Jr., 42, who was found dead in a home in Winter Park, FL. She told authorities a different story however. She said they were playing hide and seek and then forgot about him, went upstairs and fell asleep.