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Those of us who are The Weeknd fans have been waiting for this album for a VERY long time. And if you stayed up like me (Melissa) to hear it when it dropped at midnight, you got a little treat when Abel himself went on IG live and played the entire album from his house while sitting in the dark. There was something about being able to listen to the whole thing WITH The Weeknd as he presented it to us so to speak. You probably noticed that Bella Hadid AND After Hours were trending early this morning and it’s because many believe this album was written inspired by his relationship with her. Many believe there were Selena Gomez references in it as well. But what we DO know, is that there are NO features which is rare these days. The album has 14 tracks and is VERY 80’s inspired. Blinding Lights and In Your Eyes are two of the most 80’s infused. We even were blessed with a power ballad, one which I (Melissa) feels will be the biggest hit of The Weeknd’s career in “Scared to Live.”

Don’t forget, The Weeknd will be touring this summer in support of “After Hours” and will be at Mohegan Sun July 4 and the Garden July 11th. I even heard he added a second show at the Garden in September.

Here is the album’s tracks individually from Youtube: