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YAKIMA, WA - DECEMBER 28: Steve Calhoun prepares to bite into a double cheeseburger at Majors Hamburgers December 28, 2003 in Yakima, Washington. Two farms have been quarantined in Sunnyside and Mabton, Washington by the U.S.D.A after it was determined that a cow that came from the farms had been infected with mad cow disease, the first such case in the U.S. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Thanks to WCVB for helping us answer these questions we know we’ve all had.  Are you getting takeout? Having food delievered? Are you worried about it being contaminated with the coronavirus? Dr. Jodie Dionne-Odom, an infectious disease specialist from the University of Alabama at Birmingham took questions from  Mark Albert, chief national investigative correspondent for WCVB and answered some burning questions we all have.

As far as the virus being killed with heat and eating delivered food, thanks to Dr. Dionne-Odom “I have good news, which is that we have no documented cases of coronavirus being transmitted in food. It’s not like typhoid or something else or a cholera. That said, though, you touch (the container it came in.) As soon as you get the food, come into your house to put it into a separate container that’s clean. Then throw away the container that it came in and wash your hands very carefully.”

She also recommends that only one person run errands for the family saying “I think it is important to also designate one person who is going to be doing the shopping,” Dionne-Odom said. “Why expose multiple people in the household?”

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