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This story made me smile so I had to share it.  Props to these Andover teachers and staff members from the High Plain Elementary school who held a car parade to tell their students that they miss them!

This is so awesome!  The High Plain Elementary School assembled a “car-parade” throughout their students’ neighborhoods yesterday to let them know they are missed while doing it in a responsible social-distancing way.

In a Facebook post letting students and parents know about the parade, the flyer said: “Though this can’t replace hugs or high fives, it can definitely bring us all some joy during this challenging time.”

NBC 10 Boston got to talk to some of the teachers who were emotional because they miss their students.  You can watch the video in the link below.

Andover Teachers Parade to Say Hi to Students During Coronavirus Lockdown

Teachers in Andover, Massachusetts, found a creative way to see their students while keeping social distancing - a parade.

High Plain Elementary School PTO

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