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March 31 has a rather large significance in the music world. It’s the day we lost two artists who’s stories and music continue to live on to this day. Selena Quintanilla was murdered 25 years ago on this day and to remember her, fans all over the world are tweeting videos and memories with the hashtag #Selena25.

On this day one year ago we also lost a talented man who was even more known for the way he gave back to his community. Of course I’m talking about Nipsey Hussle.  Since Nipsey’s death, his legacy has continued winning two posthumous Grammys back in January and inspiring rival gangs to continue peace talks. “It created an opportunity for conversations to happen, for communication to happen, for leadership to happen that maybe wouldn’t have happened otherwise in the memory and spirit of Nipsey Hussle,” Anne Tremblay, director of Gang Reduction and Youth Development program in Los Angeles, said earlier this year.

The fact that both of these inspiring artists are trending today, goes to show you the influence they’ve had on the culture even since their passing. Please enjoy these galleries as we honor them today.