I love this! The John D O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science faculty and staff “virtually” passed paper airplanes to each other with messages for their students that said things like, “be safe” and “miss you!”

Thank you to Tracey for sharing this video with me!  Teachers and students have had to make major adjustments during the coronavirus pandemic.

I’m sure that the students loved seeing their favorite members of the O’Bryant staff getting creative on how they passed along their paper plane messages (I laughed out loud when one of them was in a tuba).

What a “lovely” way to brighten their day, keep their spirits up and give them hope!

The O’Bryant’s final message to students:

“We miss you!  We care about you, and we will not give up on you!  Remain safe, strong, healthy, and focused.  Always remember, You are the best!  You are O’Bryant!”