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Something is going on in Foxboro. For arguably the two best athletes at their position to leave town the way they did is saying something about the organization. Is it the coach? Is it the owner? Belichick? Kraft? The thing is we may never know.

Rob Gronkowski had said he would only return to the NFL if he would play with Tom Brady. But think about it. If Tom Brady had decided to return to the Patriots, do we really think Gronk would’ve come out of retirement? Absolutely NOT. So I’ll say it again. Something is going on in Foxboro.

Maybe one day, 10 or 20 years from now we’ll get the real story. When Tom Brady’s version of “The Last Dance” airs on ESPN, maybe we’ll get the Malcolm Butler answers and the “why are all these players leaving” answers. Until then, we need to just embrace the rebuilding years. ‘Cause after fearing the worst, they’re finally here.

Enjoy some of the fun times we had with Gronk while he was here at his One Mission Buzz Off charity event: