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Today’s the day. Gov. Baker will give more specifics on the state’s reopening plan. We do have some details from a letter sent from the Mass Municipal Association to the state’s mayors.

Some of the industries that can reportedly open today include: manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and places of worship. All businesses that reopen will have to follow specific public health guidelines including: places of worship having to stay at 40% capacity, have online reservations, and anyone older than 5 must wear a mask. Safety guidelines for manufacturing and constructions workers require them to wear masks and stay six feet apart, unless the distance makes work unsafe.

What about everyone else? Well, this from CBS…”The Boston Globe reported that offices will be permitted to open next Monday at 25% capacity — except in Boston, which will have to wait until June 1.

Businesses included in that phase beginning on May 25 are expected to include barbershops, salons and recreational marijuana shops. Retailers would still be limited to curbside pickup.

Hospitals would be cleared to resume elective procedures.”

Governor Baker will hold a press conference later today to let us know what to expect from the state’s 4-phase reopening plan.