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382514 01: The new $150.00 men''s "Nike Shox" basketball shoe, a hard to find and potential hot holiday item, is displayed at a Finish Line sporting goods store November 28, 2000 at Woodfield Shopping Mall in Schaumburg, IL. After trying steel springs and various high-tech designs to improve the cushioning of athletic shoes, Nike says they have finally found a formula that offers a comfortable bounce and is durable. The secret to the spring is the four columns of polyurethane foam originally used to absorb shock in Formula One race cars. The shoe cushions the foot from the impact of running and seems to channel that energy into your next step, Nike says. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Newsmakers)

Laced is a Boston staple. Laced was established in 2006 as Boston’s first High-End sneaker boutique. In July 2010, Joamil Rodriguez acquired the Laced brand and store-front in the historic South End.  With last night’s drastic turn of events in regards to the protests, Laced was unfortunately one of the businesses damaged.  Despite the destruction, Joamil says he stands by young people in their outrage over the murder of George Floyd, among other black men and women killed by police brutality. 

Read Joamil’s entire statement: