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Amir Moarefi, A Los Angeles-area doctor,  has announced that he will provide free medical care to protesters who have sustained injuries from law enforcement or rioters during protests.

On Instagram, he wrote, “If you or anyone you know has been hurt during the protests, whether hit by police or rioters or shot in the eye with rubber bullets or pepper spray, let me know. I will provide free health care and eye care, especially to those without any insurance.”

On another post, he added, “I am saddened by all the appointments I have set up already but grateful I am able to give back in some way. Please don’t hesitate to reach out or message me with any questions.”

Dr. Moarefi has been active on social media showing the impact of rubber bullets, and he has even gotten other doctors involved in giving away free service.

To contact Amir, visit his Instagram page.

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