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BRISTOL, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 15: A woman lies on a bench after leaving a bar in Bristol City Centre on October 15, 2005 in Bristol, England. Pubs and clubs are preparing for the new Licensing laws due to come into force on November 24 2005, which will allow pubs and clubs longer and more flexible opening hours. Opponents of the law believe this will lead to more binge-drinking with increased alcohol related crime, violence and disorder while health experts fear an increase in alcohol related illnesses and alcoholism. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

It doesn’t matter what kind of booze you drink.  Knock back enough, and you’ll do things you regret.  But are different types of drunken behavior associated with different types of alcohol?

Someone polled 2,000 drinkers, and asked what type of alcohol they were drinking when they did stupid stuff.  Here’s what they found . . .

1.  Whiskey drinkers get ARRESTED the most.  Almost twice as many people said they were drinking whiskey, compared to rum in second place.  Tequila was third.

2.  Vodka drinkers are the most likely to get NAKED in public.  A third of people who’ve streaked said they were drinking vodka when it happened.

3.  You’re also most likely to get a TATTOO after drinking vodka.  42% were drinking it when they got inked up.  Rum was next at 21%.

4.  You’re most likely to set something on FIRE while drinking tequila.  Over a third of people who’ve started a fire while they were drunk said tequila was the culprit.

5.  Tequila also causes the worst HANGOVERS.  Followed by vodka, whiskey, rum, and gin.  And tequila drinkers have the most blackouts . . . just under four a year, on average.  Scotch drinkers have the fewest at 1.4 a year.