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These 56 socially distanced leaves were painted around the Parkman Bandstand to “help promote safe seating on Boston Common.”

This looks so cool!

According to the City of Boston,  “Inspired by other Parks and Recreation Departments across the country, like San Francisco and New York City, the Boston Parks Department decided to take this idea and put our own spin on it.

With design and implementation planning from the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, these 56 socially-distant leaves were installed by the Mayor’s Mural Crew who carefully measured each leaf before spray painting the grass using a hand-made stencil.

We hope that this installation will encourage social distancing, and help our park goers remain safe and healthy.”

What’s also cool is that they’re looking for other places to do this!  If you know of a good location in your neighborhood, they want to hear from you!

“Have an idea for a park that would be a good location for an installation like this? Email us at with your idea!”

Socially Distant Leaves in Boston Common

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