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As promised, on Wednesday (Sept. 30), Ari Lennox released her new single “Chocolate Pomegranate.” Last week, the Dreamville singer announced the new record on Instagram while sharing several photos of herself wearing an orange dress.

Lennox announced the release of the single on Wednesday by sharing a photo of herself wearing a red chiffon dress while sitting in front of a bowl of apples, grapes, and strawberries.

The mid-tempo track was co-written with Dijon Stylez and produced by Dreamville’s Elite. “Jay hanging off your brown lips/Lean over excel into my kiss/Problems weighing you down/I powerlift/I just want some more of this/Kiss it for me/More on my mind/That I would love to explore this time,” Lennox sings in the first verse of the song.

“Flip me over/Don’t take me as unkind/I need you to fall behind/Try me in public but I know this much is true/No ones gonna ride and love you like I do/Ooh/Chocolate pomegranate/Come Live in this truth/No ones gonna ride and love like I do.”

“Chocolate Pomegranate” is the follow up to Lennox’s last single “Bussit,” from her label’s latest compilation album Revenge of the Dreamers III: Director’s Cut. Lennox was also featured on Kiana Lede’s 2020 single “Chocolate” and Skip Marley’s “Make Me Feel” which also features Rick Ross.

Listen to Ari Lennox’s “Chocolate Pomegranate” below.

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