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Adele is receiving backlash over one of her skits this past weekend on Saturday Night Live. In the clip, Adele, Kate McKinnon, and Heidi Gardner talk about the wonders of Africa.

The skit shows the women explaining all there is to see in the country, including “tall tribesmen” “massive bamboos,” and “the rivers, the drums, the pounding.” Behind them, black men and white women keep walking by. The entire skit alludes to the fact that divorced caucasian women visit African to sleep with the black locals.

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoyed the sketch, and there has been some backlash on social media. One Twitter user wrote, “the *only* SNL sketch where Adele couldn’t keep from laughing was an “African Tourism Board” bit where the underlying premise was a blatantly s—y racial stereotype. everyone involved ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

Another said, “ #SNL Did I really just see a sketch about white women using Africa as their buffet for oversexed and overendowed African ‘tribesmen’ who carry them around on their shoulders starring Adele fresh off a Bantu knot minstrel show outrage? Truly unbelievable. #readtheroom

One person added, “How can SNL writers like @Sudi_Green and @Bowenyang be so culturally literate and progressive yet SNL still produces the most tone deaf, African-fetishizing sketch that Adele couldn’t seem to get through?! Wtf happened there… the racist exoticism ???”

Watch the full African Tourism sketch below.

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