If you have plans to travel to Jamaica, make sure you have travel insurance.

Thanks to the country’s new “Jamaica Cares” program visitors to the country are required to have travel insurance.

The fee for the insurance is expected to be around $50 and will begin in mid-November.

“Jamaica Cares delivers an unmet need in the travel industry by providing primary medical coverage and medical evacuation services. Jamaica Cares is a comprehensive, mandatory program to increase traveler protection from the time they leave home until returning,” said Edmund Bartlett, Co-chairman, Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre.

“The traveler knows they’re protected, and they know other travelers are, too. That’s what’s needed to give confidence to travelers when they are ready to travel.”

If you’re thinking that you won’t need it because you already have travel insurance, think again, you still must have it despite having other travel insurance.