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More allegations are coming out regarding Dr. Dre and his ex-wife Nicole Young.

Per XXL, Nicole says in her divorce filing that Dr. Dre put a gun to her head on two separate occasions, and she said that she was punched in the head twice.

She recalled the incidents in detail, saying, “I have explained in excruciating and painful detail the abuse that Andre has perpetuated against me over our more than 25-year relationship. Andre has held a gun to my head on two occasions, on January 8, 2020 and November 20, 2001; Andre has punched me in the head/face on two occasions, in 1999 and on January 8, 2000; Andre kicked down the door to a bedroom in which I was hiding from his rage in 2016; Andre has verbally and emotionally decimated my personhood to the extent that I currently suffer post-traumatic stress syndrome.”

In Dre’s response, he claims police were never called during their marriage. They were, however, called shorty before they wed.

Nicole addresses that specifically by saying, “Andre conspicuously omits the fact that the police were called in approximately September 1995, shortly before our marriage, after he slammed me up against a wall and lifted me off the floor by my neck. During our marriage, I considered calling the police several times; but, as I fell deeper into the abusive relationship, my fear of Andre outweighed any confidence I had that the police could help me.”

This information comes afterthe news that Dr. Dre was in the hospital because he suffered a brain aneurysm.

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