If you thought pineapple on pizza was disgusting, you might want to think again after hearing this.

According to foxnews.com, a Michigan couple ordered a pizza via DoorDash one night when neither of them felt like cooking. When the DoorDash driver arrived, he was holding the bag containing the pizza vertically, which we all know is a BIG no no.

Approaching the front steps, the driver pulled the pizza out of the bag and after it feel on the ground, he shoved it back into the box and ran off as if nothing happened. Little did he know he was being watched on a doorbell cam. The receiver of the “dirt pizza” Rodney King Jr. said,

“As soon as I saw the pizza hit the floor, my heart sank a little bit. I was hungry, but I was really hoping he would do the right thing.”

The driver has since been deactivated and DoorDash refunded the couple. King said this experience wouldn’t prevent him from continuing to use this delivery service in the future.

Take a look below at the video to see exactly how it happened.