Melissa Clayton, Inventor of The Matte and Founder of Tiny Tags

Melissa Clayton, an entrepreneur from Acton, MA, is scheduled to appear on “Shark Tank” this Friday, April 9th. She is looking to get a deal for her beauty invention, The Matte.

Tired of getting ready in a small bathroom and trying to balance all of your makeup on your sink? Well, Melissa was too, which is what led her to invent “The Matte” back in 2015. She was determined to design something that could act as a beauty counter, but that was also compact enough to store in her bathroom. After several revisions, she was able to finalize the design and find a small manufacturer for the product.

The Matte simplifies getting ready in your bathroom: it is large enough to cover a sink, holds up to two pounds of weight, and folds up to store away when you are done. Plus, it’s perfect for traveling.

Melissa lives in Action, MA with her husbands and three sons. In addition to The Matte, she is also the founder of Tiny Tags and online brand of personalized jewelry that celebrates motherhood.

Watch Melissa Clayton on Shark Tank this Friday, April 9, 2021 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET/PT on ABC!  Click here to browse The Matte site and purchase one of her products!