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DMX was first sent to prison in 1986 after stealing a dog from a junkyard. He was sentenced to two years in the juvenile unit of Woodfield Prison in Valhalla, New York. However, just weeks after starting his sentence, he and his cellmate successfully escaped the prison and DMX returned home to New York until his mother forced him to turn himself in and finish his sentence.

There’s been all kinds of false reports surrounding DMX’s condition, so his manager wants to set the record straight.

Steve Rifkind says the rapper is in a coma and essentially his condition has not changed. He also confirmed today is a critical day as he’s set to undergo a series of tests to determine his brain function which will give his family some necessary information they’ll need in order to make a decision on whether or not they should keep him alive.

In addition, VladTV is reporting that on top of being in a coma and on life support, DMX has tested positive for COVID-19. His family members are being let in one by one to see him and word is his family left the hospital late last night. They continue to ask for prayers for his recovery.

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