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BURBANK, CALIFORNIA - UNSPECIFIED: In this image released on September 19, Usher performs onstage for the 10th Anniversary of the iHeartRadio Music Festival streaming on and The CW App on September 18 & 19 and broadcast on The CW Network on September 27 & 28.

Social media is putting USHER on blast for handing out FAKE BILLS at a strip club in Vegas recently.

The bills had an image of Usher on the front . . . and some people thought that he was trying to pull a fast one on some hard-working women.  But there MIGHT be an explanation.

The club says Usher and his crew gave out “thousands of real dollars” to the girls dancing . . . and also left “a generous tip for the staff.”  So where did the fake Usher-Bucks come from?

The club says someone in his entourage left them on the floor to advertise his upcoming residency at Caesar’s Palace.

If that’s the case, it only matters WHEN and HOW they were placed there.  If the bills were just left as promo flyers before or after the performance . . . fine.  But it’s NOT a good look if they were tossed out while the dancers were performing.