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Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. The puffy eyes, the gallons of ice cream, the watching the Notebook on repeat as you try to determine love is even real. But sometimes you just need a guide to get you through the toughest of break ups. That’s why we headed to an expert for advice. The Second Date Update podcast cohost Melissa has heard it all when comes to dating horror stories.  So, we asked her to put together a list of go-to items that can help anyone get through a bad breakup.  Here’s what she recommends.

Product for Puffy Eyes

eye masks

For when the puffiness around your eyes is realtry these 24K gold eye masks. They simply go under your eyes to help alleviate redness and dark circles on the eyes. “Patch it & look like you got 8 hours sleep.”

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Eye Mask

microwavable eye mask

A microwavable eye mask to help your sinuses and help you sleep a little better. This eye mask is filled with flaxseed and lavender, which can help you relax a bit more while you’re sleeping. Warm it up for 25 seconds in the microwave and then put it on for a comfortable and relaxing rest.

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Wearable Hat for Migraines

the headache hat

Whether it’s from crying too much or because you simply are still dealing with the fallout over your ex, this wearable hat is great for helping alleviate your migraines. The Headache Hat “is designed with real ice cubes coated in thin plastic. The cubes are individual placed in a flexible cotton polyester blend wrap and can be moved and wrapped around the head or anywhere on the body right out of the freezer.”

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Bath Bombs

bath bombs

Taking time to relax is key to getting through a bad breakup. Enjoy a bath with some luxurious bath bombs made with shea and coco butter. This set comes with 12 different bath bombs, so you can basically spend every night after work relaxing and letting yourself rejuvenate. They come in Lavender, Vanilla, Strawberry, Coconut, Mango, Rose, Melon scents.

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Self Help Books

self love workbook for women
One of the toughest things to get through during a bad break up is how to move forward. Self-help books like this Self-Love Workbook for Women can be vital for your next steps. This book is designed for you to embrace who you are. Understanding your needs and wants in a relationship is crucial, but that foundation starts with learning to love yourself. 

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Revenge Voodoo Doll

revenge voodoo doll
And if all else fails and you want to exact a little revenge, or just feel a bit better, you can utilize this revenge voodoo doll. This little guy comes in four different colors and can help you get out any of the excess rage from your bad breakup.

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Relationships are tough, and bad breakups are the worst! Thank you so much to Melissa for putting this awesome “items to get you through a bad breakup” guide. If you want to hear more from Melissa you can check out her podcast the Second Date Update right here.

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