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Drake may have just added more truth to his Certified Lover Boy status.

Word is he broke up a potential marriage by having an entanglement with an artist named Naomi Sharon. Naomi has been seen lately in the studio with Drake recording for his new album and her fiancé says they did more than record. He’s accusing Drake of flying Naomi out to work on the album which ultimately led to their breakup because it caused her to be unfaithful.

In a now deleted post, her fiancé wrote, “Imagine having the most beautiful, supportive, and faithful relationship 8 years long with an engagement and wedding planned. A beautiful woman on your side as ride or die. Than this major opportunity comes and a world star calls your fiancé to sign a record deal. Flies you both over and than out of nowhere all the trust is vanished with knifes in your back and in your heart.” He adds that he and Naomi are no longer together. Of course Drake has been very quiet.

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