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 You’d think this deep into the Zoom era, we’d all really understand what is and isn’t showing up on camera.  And you would be wrong. There’s a 37-year-old woman named Amanda Fletcher who’s a Spanish teacher at a fancy prep school in New York City.  And she’s under investigation now because a few months back, while she was teaching her remote class, they saw her on camera suckling on a MAN NIPPLE.  And before that, her class could see her eating spaghetti. The Special Commissioner of Investigation for New York’s schools is looking into what happened.  They say that Amanda is going to be looking at some, quote, “disciplinary action” . . . but she’s still on the payroll now, and she makes $105,000-a-year. The DOE imposed “Digital Media Guidelines for Remote Learning” in March 2020. It “reminded school-based staff that virtual classrooms should follow the same protocols as in-person classrooms – e.g. outside individuals are not permitted to walk into a classroom, whether virtual or in-person – and staff must continue to maintain a safe and appropriate learning environment.”