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Soulja Boy thought he was slick. He thought he could just throw up a social media post plugging a company and they’d forget that he owed them a ton of money. He tweeted “I was the first rapper at Icebox.” Icebox is a very famous jewelry and diamond store in Atlanta and they’re not impressed with the tweet because Soulja Boy owes them hundreds of thousands of dollars AND there’s an open lawsuit against him. He opened up a tab in 2013 for $60k that he never paid and to this day the debt has ballooned up to $200k. The owners of Icebox were able to get a judge to agree to garnish Soulja Boy’s wages but say at any point he doesn’t have more than $10k in any of his accounts. They’re now demanding he forget the social media plugs as they say it does nothing for their bottom line and want him to pay up.