Does anyone else keep hundreds of dollars in their makeup bag?

Andrea Raglon, a bus driver in Missouri, was cleaning her vehicle when stumbling upon a makeup bag that was left behind by a passenger. At first, Raglon stated that she was going to throw the bag away and continue her cleaning. But after picking the bag up and realizing how heavy it was, she decided to look inside. She stated,

“I didn’t count it at first. I saw a couple of $100 bills. I just put it back in the bag. I said, ‘I’m not putting this in lost and found. I’m not doing that. We’re going to find this lady and we’re going to give her her money back.'”

Unlike Andrea, most people might have pocketed the money and gone about their day. According to, luckily there was an emergency medical contact card inside the bag that gave them the owner’s name. From there, they were able to identify that the missing makeup bag with money belonged to Faye Moss and return it to her.

Just goes to show that there are still some good people in the world!