Kowloon Restaurant is bringing all the Miami vibes to Saugus! A new outdoor bar called ‘Capricorn Champagne Bar’ opened on Friday, May 27th at the restaurant.

Tracy Delia and Melissa Ford, who are employees at Kowloon, came up with the concept and presented the idea to the restaurant. Their goal was to elevate the Miami theme that the restaurant is going with this year. Kowloon was on board and gave them the chance to execute their plan and the two friends brought it to life. As for the story behind the name, both Delia and Ford are Capricorns, and they later discovered that Mr. Wong, the founder of Kowloon, was also a Capricorn.

The new bar features an outdoor lounge area with white couches, LED lights, and a walk up bar. The menu, seen below, has everything from sparkling cocktails, to spritzers, to popsicles with prosecco. If you’re looking for a new summer hangout spot, this is it!

A post from Kowloon states that the bar will be only serving outdoors and only open on certain ‘Miami nights.’ Check out their Instagram, @capricorn.champagnebar, for all the latest updates!